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Some Important News About Your Medical Care

Please take a moment to read this note from your own family physician and from doctors at Clinic MDCM.

In November of 2015, Clinic MDCM formed a private-public partnership with the provincial government to become a GMF (Groupe Medicine Familiale).

Why does this matter to me?

Your own family physician is joining with Clinic MDCM-GMF to ensure adequate coverage for you and other patients whose healthcare needs may arise outside of regular office hours. In the past if you became ill or needed to see a doctor when your own physician was unavailable, you probably went to a walk-in clinic near your home. Your doctor strongly recommends that you consider calling Clinic MDCM-GMF instead.

Does this mean I have to leave my regular doctor?

No. Calling Clinic MDCM-GMF does not mean you are giving up your family physician. You will continue to see this person at his or her practice.

Why should I do this?

Family doctors in single or even group practices cannot cover every patient’s healthcare needs during evenings, weekends and on holidays. As a patient of Clinic MDCM-GMF, you will have quick access to a medical consultation by appointment seven days a week, throughout the whole year. (See Hours of Service listed below.) Your GMF can also offer you and your family access to nurses, social workers and other medical support professionals.

Are there other benefits to me?

Yes. That’s why your family physician is asking you to call Clinic MDCM-GMF if you need their services. As a GMF, the Clinic can provide what is known as “continuity of care”—that is, your own family physician can quickly access important information about your off-hours health care visits, prescriptions and referrals. Continuity of care can improve both your health outcomes and your overall experience with the health care system. If you have any questions, please talk to your family doctor. You are also welcome to visit Clinic MDCM-GMF.

Hours of service

Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm

Weekends and Holidays: 9am-1pm

How to make an appointment

Please call 514 484-0999 

If we cannot get to your call, please leave a detailed message and

your call will be returned as a priority.